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Fire Mecca

Clamp-on Hoop Wicks

Clamp-on Hoop Wicks

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Transform your existing hula hoop into a breathtaking fire hoop! Our Clamp-On Hoop Wicks attach to the hoop of your choosing, providing a simple and versatile alternative to bulky fire hoops. 

Our Hoop Wicks feature 1.5 cubic inches of kevlar material, woven by hand in our signature Moonblaze knot onto hardware that has been stress-tested for your safety. The compact wicks sit approximately 6in above the outer edge of the hoop, allowing enough space for comfort while producing bright flames that are easily managed, even when you’re surrounded by them! Wicks can be sold individually as universal replacements for any fire hoop, or as a set if you’re looking to convert your hoop to fire. 

The body is engineered for ultimate performance and durability. Braided steel cable is very strong, lightweight, and flexible, capable of withstanding immense shock damage without bending or snapping. Stainless steel hose clamps are long-lasting and can securely attach to any tubing between 7/16 in and 25/32 in in diameter. The cable and clamp have been brazed with silver in high temperatures, creating corrosion-resistant joints that are even stronger than their base metals. The flexibility of the spines and strength of brazed steel create a virtually indestructible wick body, while the easily adjusted hose clamps allow for safe and convenient installation and replacement.

Clamp-on Hoop Wicks are attached using a flat-head screwdriver. Start by loosening the bolt to open the hose clamp. Fit the clamp onto the hoop (ensuring the wicks are evenly spaced as you go). Close the clamp by sliding the free end into the sleeve and turning the bolt until it engages with the slots. Continue to tighten the bolt until it is securely clamped in place.

These wicks should only be used with durable hula-hoops that you are experienced with. They are not recommended for use with LED or lightweight hoops.

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