MoonBlaze Fire-Eating Torch (Sold Individually)

MoonBlaze Fire-Eating Torch (Sold Individually)

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Our MoonBlaze Fire Eating Torch is light-weight 1/8 inch diameter solid steel with a MoonBlaze wick; there is no exposed metal on the wick. Torches are 16 inches (41 cm) long, and are perfect for practice or performance.

Small torches are better for beginners, practice, or small-jawed individuals, while the Medium and Large sizes are great performance fire-eating torches.

Fire-eating torches are commonly used with white gas and lighter fluid only. It is highly suggested fire-eaters do not use alcohols, lamp oil, kerosene, or biodiesel.

Sold individually.

Fire-eating and fire-breathing are dangerous activities that involve fuel and/or fire in the performer's mouth and in close proximity to the performer. By purchasing or using fire-eating and fire-breathing equipment, the purchaser or user agrees that Fire Mecca is not liable for any damage or injury caused during these activities.
Handmade to order locally in Tucson, AZ, USA.