Introductory Fire Poi

Introductory Fire Poi

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Looking to try out fire poi? Our introductory fire poi set is an economic alternative to our moonblaze poi sets, for poi spinners who are still deciding if fire is right for them. The rolled wick design measures 2” by 2”, creating a smaller, manageable flame, while still maintaining good surface area for fuel absorption resulting in longer, brighter burns. 

These sets feature single-loop leather handles, which we lasercut and process ourselves. They come standard with nickel plated steel #15 ball chain, a popular poi body material for its intrinsic swivel and lightweight nature. These chains connect directly to the head of your poi, and each component of the leash has been stress tested for extreme environments to ensure the safety of you and your audience. 

Our standard poi length is 24”, measuring from the end of the poi handle to the end of the wick. To find the ideal length of poi for you, measure from your fully extended fingertips to your mid upper arm. Poi length is adjustable to your preferences.


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