Premium Fire Rope Dart

Premium Fire Rope Dart

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Currently out of stock.  Our rope supplier went out of business, looking for new supplier.

Time to take your rope dart to the next level? The Fire Mecca Premium Rope Dart was designed with professionals in mind, and is perfect for anyone looking for a serious rope dart.

We worked closely with several professional fire performers who specialized in rope dart to figure out exactly what they wanted from their tools. Arguably, the most important part of a rope dart is the rope, so that’s where we started. We tried numerous ropes, until we found the perfect blend of comfort, strength and durability in ¼” (6mm) braided hemp rope. At one end of the rope we have a hard rubber PX3 knob as a stopper, on the other a short length of stainless steel Twistlink chain with a swivel welded on each end to ensure the head never binds.

With the body done, it was time to move on to the head. Most rope darts on the market utilize a large poi head, which works fine for most spinners, but our professionals wanted something more. The trick was creating something that meets Fire Mecca’s standards of aesthetics and durability while also meeting the needs of a serious rope dart user. The end result was an extra-large (5 inch) K1 1/4" Moonblaze head, built on a solid steel core with washers braided in to the head to improve flight without sacrificing the appearance. The end result is a rope dart head that’s a little on the heavy side, but flies like a dream.

Rope Darts have many siblings and go by other names: chain dart, single headed meteor hammer, etc.
Size option is overall length in feet. If the length you need is not an option please place length, up to 16 feet, in your order notes. Handmade to order locally in Tucson, AZ, USA.