How to Choose the Right Kevlar for your Needs

How to Choose the Right Kevlar for your Needs

KEVLAR is a para-aramid, a member of the aramid family of manufactured fibers. Aramid fibers have no melting point, low flammability, and good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures. Additionally, para-aramid fibers have excellent strength-to-weight properties.
Fire performance equipment manufacturers deal mainly in materials that contain a blend of aramids and fiberglass. Aramids lend greatly to the structural integrity of a fabric.


while the small amount of fiberglass add to the thermal integrity of the fabric. Blends are also a cost-effective solution; while some retailers may deal in pure KEVLAR(R) fabrics, it is rare, as pure KEVLAR(R) is very expensive and an inferior thermal solution.

The fire dancing industry generally lumps all aramid blend wicking into one category, and calls it "KEVLAR(R)." At Fire Mecca, you can find two different aramid blends that we refer to as K1 and K2:

K1 Blend

K1 material is the KEVLAR and fiberglass blend most widely used as wicking by the fire-dancing community. Tapes are made of KEVLAR(R), NOMEX(R), and fiberglass. Ropes are a tubular blended braid with a fiberglass or K1 (i.e., blended) core. The braided ropes are not as flexible as the K2 ropes, but are generally more durable.

K2 Blend

K2 material is woven aramid/fiberglass, and is the default for most of our equipment options. It is slightly better-priced, and, though rated as 1/8 in., it is slightly thicker than K1 tapes. Otherwise, the K1 and K2 tapes compare very similarly, performance-wise. Ropes are less durable than in K1series, but are, initially, much more sponge-like and flexible. The K2 weave is simpler than the K1 weave, lending to increased fraying when cutting. We suggest to glue or tape ends when cutting or storing any KEVLAR tape or rope.

If you need assistance in choosing the material that is right for you, please give us an email or call, and we can help you select the style that best fits your needs.

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