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Fire Mecca

Aerial Silk Fabric - Fire Mecca

Aerial Silk Fabric - Fire Mecca

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Fire Mecca aerial silks (also known as aerial ribbons, aerial silks, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon, or tissu, depending on region) are incredibly strong with some give and flexibility. Perfect for your aerial endeavors!

Sold by the yard (0.91 meter). The total length needed can be calculated by doubling the total desired rigging height (for example, twice the distance from floor to ceiling), and adding two to three yards or meters.


  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA
  • Fabric: Our aerial fabric silks are currently made of 108 inch (2.8 meter) wide low-stretch nylon tricot. Linear length stretch is approximately 10 percent, and horizontal stretch is approximately 50 percent.
  • Colors: A variety of colors are available to complement your style!.
Order Fulfillment:
  • Orders generally ship within 3 business days (Fire Mecca is closed Holidays, Saturday and Sunday).


Aerial acrobatics are dangerous activities and can lead to serious injury or death. By purchasing or using our aerial equipment, including, but not limited to, fabric, carabiners, swivels, slings, and descenders, the purchaser or user agrees that Fire Mecca is not liable for any damage, injury, or death caused during these activities. The use of this product is at your own risk. It is highly advised that the purchaser or user consult a professional aerial coach for instruction; only a professional coach can advise you of proper gripping and maneuvering techniques. A professional rigger should be hired for installation. For liability reasons, Fire Mecca cannot advise our customers on the specifics of hanging an aerial rig.

Available to Bulk Members for Bulk pricing by the spool (~100 yards) for destinations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Bulk Members shipping to international destinations must contact us for pricing due to variable maximum shipping weights and container sizes.

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