Collection: Poi and Rope Dart

Welcome to our collection of Poi, Rope Dart, and Meteor products! Here, you will find various high-quality tools perfect for flow artists of all levels. Our Poi selection includes a variety of styles, from practice poi to LED poi, fire poi, and more. Each set is designed to provide excellent balance and control, allowing you to create mesmerizing patterns easily. Our Rope Dart collection features durable ropes and metal darts that are perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners. Each set is carefully crafted to ensure maximum flexibility and precision, allowing you to master various flow arts techniques. Finally, our Meteor collection includes weight sets perfect for creating dynamic and exciting performances. Whether you are just starting or looking to add to your collection, our Poi, Rope Dart, and Meteor products are the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore the world of flow arts. Shop now and discover the magic of these fantastic tools!