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Fire Mecca

Configurable Fire Palm Torches

Configurable Fire Palm Torches

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A hypnotizing addition to performances, Palm Torches are an exciting element to incorporate with belly dancing, burlesque, and many other kinds of dance. With smaller flames and adjustable hardware, these props are perfect for performers ranging from beginner to expert.

The wick features approximately 1.25 cubic inches of kevlar material, woven by hand directly onto hardware that has been stress tested for your safety. Unlike other fire props, they can be used with any common fire-dancing fuel.

Each Palm Torch measures 5.5in (12.7 cm) with approximately 3in (7.6 cm) between the wick and palm, featuring a 3in-diameter washer to protect your hands from heat and fuel drips.  Torches are configured to approximately 1" and are easily adjustable, should an adjustment need to be made. Simply loosen the nuts above and below the 3in washer and slide the washer into the desired position before tightening the nuts down again.

Configurable Palm Torches are sold as a pair.

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