K2 - Kevlar Tape Wick (sold by the foot)

K2 - Kevlar Tape Wick (sold by the foot)

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Do you need KEVLAR wick for your fire poi, fire staff, fire fan, or other fire implement? If so, you have come to the right place. We offer more sizes of Kevlar wickand varieties than any of our competitors, and at good prices, too.

Fire Mecca's K2 fire wick is a blend of aramid material (KEVLAR) and fiberglass that is generally more reasonably-priced, resulting in more fire wick volume per dollar. This fire wick frays more with handling, but is slightly more resistant to heat-damage from metal hardware (bolts, washers, nuts, etc.) than K1 fire wick. 1/8 in. 


K2 fire wick is slightly thicker than K1 fire wick (it is sold as 1/8 in., but measures closer to 3/16 in.), and more yellow in color.

Custom fire wick widths are available for purchasing in 100 ft rolls.

Fire wick is sold in continuous lengths, priced per-foot. 100 foot roll discounted 20%. Fire wick orders greater than 100 ft that are not multiples of 100 will contain multiple segments. Any given 100 ft roll may contain up to 1 splice. If you need multiple cuts, you can purchase cut labor here: Custom Cuts.

For more information on fire wick materials, please visit the Materials Information section in our Learning Center