About Us

Welcome to Fire Mecca! We are a small business that was founded in 2001. Our main focus is providing high-quality fire dancing props to the community. We use raw Kevlar tape and Kevlar rope to make fire poi, fire staff, fire fans, palm torches, fire eating torches, and fire rope dart.

We have proudly been your favorite supplier of Kevlar wick for almost twenty years!  We offer pure aramid tape and rope as well as aramid and fiberglass blend tape and rope.  All raw wick material can be purchased by the foot or by the roll!

Safety is our top priority, which is why we also distribute fire-resistant clothing and fire safety gear such as Kevlar sleeves and caps.  Our chief manufacturing engineer is an established fire breather so we carry a variety of tools to enhance and protect your fire breathing experience such as spill resistant bottles, safety glasses, and sturdy breathing torches that won't extinguish when you aspirate. 

In addition to our fire props, we also offer aerial silks for a limited time.  We have been narrowing our focus over the last decade and have decided to clear out our stock of aerial silk fabric.  We still have all colors in stock and have reduced the price to move the remaining stock lighting fast.  Contact us if you run a school and would like a bulk discount!

We are proud to have a long history with the fire dancing community and have been committed to providing the best possible equipment since our inception. As an American company based in Phoenix, Arizona, we take pride in our reliable and high-quality equipment, and we are committed to excellence, safety, and professionalism. 

Thank you for considering Fire Mecca for all your fire dancing needs. We look forward to helping you find the perfect fire prop for your next performance.