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Duvetyne, 12 oz. AKA Fire Safety Blanket

Duvetyne, 12 oz. AKA Fire Safety Blanket

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Duvetyne (or Duvetyn) is made from 100% cotton, is treated to be fire retardant, and is a standard in the motion picture industry. The Duvetyne we carry is 12 oz. and is similar to Commando Cloth. It has a brushed matte finish.

Duvetyne has many uses; use it to block out unwanted light or make performance clothing. While we feel a damp towel is a superior and natural solution for extinguishing equipment, Duvetyne is fire-resistant and is suitable when water is not available. washing Duvetyne removes its fire-resistant qualities, and must be treated with a fire-retardant to regain them.

Our Duvetyne has been tested in accordance with NFPA 701 and meets the requirements of that standard.

Sold by the yard and in rolls up to 50 yards, with the cuts being 54 inches wide.

Orders of 13 yards or more maybe have up to one (1) splice. 

Made in the USA

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