Fire Rope Dart

Fire Rope Dart

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The Fire Mecca Rope Dart is made of 5/16 white cotton rope, with a ball-bearing swivel attached to twist link chain for attaching the head. The fire attachment is a cylindrical MoonBlaze head, which has added weight. Head size is 3 inches long (approximately 4.5 ounces) . The fire head is detachable, allowing for other styles to be tried, or for a practice head to be attached. Weighted Practice Poi heads make suitable practice rope dart attachments.

For beginners, a good starter length is found by measuring the distance between your hands, with arms held out at either side, and adding this to the distance between one hand held out to the side to the ground. Alternatively, twice the height of the user can be used as starting point.

Rope Darts have many siblings and go by other names: chain dart, single headed meteor hammer, etc.

Any total length up to 16 feet can be chosen. If your choice of length isn't one of our options, please select the nearest option and put the exact length in your order notes