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Fire Mecca

Fire Rope Dart

Fire Rope Dart

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The Rope Dart, like many fire props, was used as a weapon in ancient times. Now as a flow art, it delivers intense, show-stopping performances utilizing body wraps, precision shots, and delicate dance moves to captivate audiences. The elongated, cylindrical head design of our 3 inch or 4 inch Moonblaze wick allows for clean, straight lines on your lunges, as well as balance and control in your spinning. The optimized Moonblaze knot was designed to absorb the ideal amount of fuel resulting in longer, brighter burns, lasting up to 7 minutes in dry conditions. 

The wick is connected via twist link chain, with hardware that has been stress tested in extreme conditions for your safety. Hardware is secured with a sealed bowline knot to ensure durability, and our 1/4 inch braided cotton rope is strong, comfortable on the skin, and resistant to tangling. As of June 2023, the end of the rope will no longer be anchored with rope stop.  We recommend leashing your rope dart around your non-dominant wrist with a simple lasso or honda knot.

The total length is from the end of the wick to the end of the rope.

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