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Fire Mecca

Replacement Moonblaze Head for Rope Dart

Replacement Moonblaze Head for Rope Dart

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Single Moonblaze wicks are available for purchase in the standard size of your choosing. These heads are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY and do not include leashes or hardware. This is a great option if you’re building your own Rope Dart, or need to replace a worn-out wick. 


The K2 Kevlar blend of aramid and fiberglass is resistant to abrasions and heat-damage, making it tough enough to be ignited again and again. This strong, absorbent material is woven by hand into our signature Moonblaze knot, soaking up the fuel ratio ideal for long-lasting, brilliant burns. With proper care and fuel application, kevlar wicks can last for years.


The wick is woven directly onto a solid steel core with hardware that has been stress-tested in extreme environments for durability, ensuring the safety of you and your audience. Each wick is topped with a steel split ring, allowing for easy attachment to connecting hardware. 

Poi flames will melt or burn right through rope. Metal chain is the only material we recommend for attaching wicks, available for purchase here.

These MoonBlaze heads come standard as fire wick heads in both our Fire Poi and Fire Rope Dart. Heads on this listing are sold individually.

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