Double Fire Staff Set

Double Fire Staff Set

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If you are looking to take your regular staff routine to the next level, and find the art of double staff intriguing, try our Double Fire Staff Set. Each Doubles Fire Staff is light-weight, well-gripped, and designed to allow for easy flow when doing double fire staff.

Not sure what length to choose? With your arm held out straight, measure from your palm to your chest, and subtract a few inches. Multiple this number by two, and the result is the length that will allow a staff to be held out in front of you pointing toward your body, but not touching it. The longer 3.5 feet staff will feel more like a traditional fire staff, while the shorter 2.5 feet version has a baton feel. 3.0 feet (Medium) is good for most people.

Our Double Fire Staff Set is made of 3/4 in. hard anodized drawn 6061-T6 aluminum tubing. Our drawn tubing is superior to other manufacturers' extruded tubing, and is much more resistant to bending. Dowel is inserted most of the length to add weight, reduce convection inside the tubing, and to resist dents and bends. Grip covers the center of the staff, with holographic tape marking the dimensional center.

Each Double Fire Staff weighs approximately 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg) and comes in lengths of 2.5 ft. (0.76 m), 3.0 ft. (0.91 m), and 3.5 ft. (1.07 m).

The Fire Mecca Double Fire Staff Set comes with Small (2 in. long) or Medium (3 in. long) wicks. Size of wick does not affect the length of the staff. The length you order will be the length you receive regardless of wick size

The Fire Mecca Double Fire Staff Set will ship in a container separate from the rest of your order.

The Fire Mecca Double Fire Staff Set is sold as a set of two (2).

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