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Fire Mecca

Fire Meteor

Fire Meteor

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The Fire Mecca Meteor is made of 1/4-inch white cotton rope, with a ball-bearing swivel attached to twist link chain for attaching a head at each end. The fire attachment is a cylindrical MoonBlaze head. Size Small is 2 inches long and Medium is 3 inches long, Large is 4 inches long, alternatively a headless option is available if you already have poi heads you would like to use.

The fire heads are detachable, allowing for other styles to be tried, or for practice heads to be attached. Weighted Practice Poi heads make for excellent heads for practicing with your meteor.

The traditional (and thus standard) length for meteors is 6’6” (2 meters). If you would like an alternate length, please feel free to contact us.

Meteors are also often referred to as Meteor Hammers, Double-Headed Meteor Hammers, or their (transliterated) Chinese name: liúxīng chuí

Handmade to order locally in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

We’ve listened to your feedback and done away with the synthetic silk rope. Fire Mecca’s Fire Meteors are now made with natural 100% cotton rope. The rope is currently white, not black as shown in image.
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