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Fire Mecca

K1 Braided KEVLAR Rope Wick

K1 Braided KEVLAR Rope Wick

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Core Material

Fire Mecca's K1 fire wick is a mix of aramid materials (KEVLAR and NOMEX) and fiberglass and is the most popular wick in the firedancing community today; if you are uncertain what type of wick you are using, it is probably this blend, regardless of where you obtained it. It is distinguished by it's yellow-orange color.

Braided rope wick with choice of Aramid (Kevlar) or fiberglass core.  Sold by the foot or 25 pound spool.  

All full spools are out of stock.

Made in the USA

Core Diameter 25 lb spool length
Fiberglass 1/4" 2175 ft
Fiberglass 3/8" 775 ft
Fiberglass 1/2" 395 ft
Fiberglass 5/8" 250 ft
Fiberglass 3/4" 188 ft
Fiberglass 1" 100 ft
Aramid 1/4" 2375 ft
Aramid 3/8" 925 ft
Aramid 1/2" 550 ft
Aramid 5/8" 425 ft
Aramid 3/4" 313 ft
Aramid 1" 200 ft
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