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Fire Mecca

Leather Poi Handles - Single Loop Only!

Leather Poi Handles - Single Loop Only!

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What you handle your poi with matters, and we have gone to great lengths to create high-quality handles that will stay comfortable and secure through years of use. Our handles are specially designed for poi spinning and hand-crafted right here at Fire Mecca to ensure each one meets our quality standards. The supple leather handles fit so naturally in your hand, they make your poi feel like a part of you!

Our leather is sourced from sunny California and treated using environmentally-friendly tanning processes. The leather is meticulously die-cut into shape, formed into loops and fastened with a heavy duty grommet that serves as the connecting point for hardware. We perform every step of this fabrication process ourselves, taking great care to manufacture well-fitting, durable handles you can flow with for hours.

Your handles are an important component of your poi and can make all the difference in your performances. Loops help anchor the leash securely to your hand, giving you more control, while the leather increases in comfort over time as it is broken in. Flowing comfortably and precisely can invigorate you to endure longer flow sessions, and attempt more advanced moves! 

Leather handles are sold by the pair and available in single loops.

In 2023 we began experimenting with leather made from cactus.  Please let us know if you would like to test a pair of the Deserto Leather Poi Loops.  We hope to release this product in 2024 as one step to making Fire Mecca a more green and compassionate entity.  

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