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Fire Mecca

MoonBlaze Fire Poi Set

MoonBlaze Fire Poi Set

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Our original design and now the industry standard, our Moonblaze Fire Poi set is the perfect combination of functional, durable, and customizable. The heads are made with flat-wick kevlar, woven by hand into our custom MoonBlaze cylindrical braid with a solid metal core for durability. The elongated kevlar knot provides excellent balance and control, while absorbing the ideal fuel ratio for longer, brighter burns, lasting 4-7 minutes in dry environments.

These sets feature single-loop leather handles that we die cut and process ourselves. Twist link chain is more durable than traditional ball chain, and prevents tangles in more advanced moves, and features integrated handle end swivels. Each component of the leash has been stress tested for extreme environments to ensure the safety of you and your audience, and with proper storage and fuel application, our durable design will last for years. When the time comes, replacement wicks and handles are available on our website.  For a more streamlined leash we have dropped the head end quick link.  Heads can be changed out with split ring pliers.

Our standard poi length is 24”, measuring from the end of the poi handle to the end of the wick. To find the ideal length of poi for you, measure from your fully extended fingertips to your mid upper arm. Poi length is adjustable to your preferences.


Want to build your own poi to more specific dimensions? Need replacement only some components?  Check out our MoonBlaze Poi parts. You can select your Poi Heads and your Poi Chains for the perfect setup.

Pro Poi Heads

Pro Poi Chains

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