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Fire Mecca

Nomex Wick Covers -Compatible with Fire Staff, Moonblaze Fire Poi, and Rope Dart

Nomex Wick Covers -Compatible with Fire Staff, Moonblaze Fire Poi, and Rope Dart

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Kevlar inevitably degrades with use over time, and the longevity of your wicks depends largely on how they’re taken care of. Wick material may degrade from prolonged or frequent usage, exposure to moisture or direct sunlight, or frayed spots from being dropped.  There are many practices that will help you get the most from your fire props: using proper fuels and fueling techniques, extinguishing wicks with a damp towel before flames go out, and keeping your wicks protected whenever they are not on fire. 


Our Nomex Wick Covers are made from a blend of Kevlar and immensely strong Nomex material, which is worn by astronauts, firefighters and racecar drivers as a heat barrier. Nomex won’t melt, drip, or continue to burn once a heat source is removed, due to its inherent resistance to flame and combustion. It does not conduct heat well, and does not react with water, meaning your wicks will be protected from the elements, inside and out.

Like Kevlar, Nomex is lightweight and strong enough to be used for consistent practice, convenient travel or continual storage. Slip the sleeve over your wick, tie off the bottom using the elastic band and secure it into place with the colored bead. Nomex Wick Covers protect your wicks from scuffs, protect the world from soot, and fit over any of our wick sizes. There is no better way to show your props you care!


Will fit staff with up to a 4" head as well as a variety of poi sizes.  Sold by the pair.  Bead color will be random but will match.

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