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Fire Mecca

Poi Leash Set - Twisted Link Chain

Poi Leash Set - Twisted Link Chain

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If you need new leashes, or are looking to upgrade current ones, our Twist Link Poi Leashes can be purchased by the pair. These sets are leashes only (check out our Moonblaze Fire Poi for complete poi sets, or Poi Head Sets to replace wicks)

The leashes are your choice of length, designed to provide a safe and viable tether to wick flames of any size. Each component has been carefully selected for resilience, and all hardware is stress-tested in extreme environments to ensure the safety of you and your audience. 

The handcrafted, single-loop leather handles are laser cut and processed in-house, ensuring each specially designed grip is both comfortable and long-lasting. Loops help anchor the leash securely to your hand, giving you more control, while the leather increases in comfort over time as it is broken in. Our leather is sourced from sunny California and treated using environmentally-friendly tanning processes. The leather is meticulously laser-cut into shape, formed into loops and fastened with a heavy duty grommet that serves as the connecting point for hardware. A quicklink fits through the grommet and attaches the ball bearing swivel. Swivels are connected by welded steel rings and spin with minimal resistance, allowing the chain to rotate freely while avoiding any binds. A 5/8in stainless steel split ring, rated for 220lbs, joins the swivel to the chain.

Nickel-plated steel chains create a strong, flexible bond between your handles and wicks. Twist link is much more durable than traditional ball chain and won’t lock into place when doing wraps or orbitals. Twist Link also minimizes the risk of snares during more advanced moves, and easily unravels should entanglement occur. We are no longer offering chains with the quick link on head end.  Our new chain does not fit the quick links.  If you need quick link connection please contact us, we can add quick links by adding a split ring to the head end of the chain.

Our leashes are designed for durability and versatility. 

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